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ZTE is introducing integrated G-Partner Energy Management Service to save resources and reduce energy comsumption.
There are ten sub-solutions in Integrated G-Partner to manage energy from different dimensions.
TE fixed access product line, including the three major series: MSAN, xPON and xDSL, consistently aims to providing customer-oriented products and solutions on the basis of technology leadership.  
ZXDSL broadband access portfolios with multi-size and capacity products as well as various customized outdoor cabinets meet carriers’ demands for flexible installation, fast and economic rollout, improving user experience, and green.


As the world's leading communications manufacturers listed companies and the fastest-growing global communications solutions provider in recent years, ZTE Corporation knows very well that the talents is the key for a company's long-term development. Owing to this, the ZTE Corporation is determined to become model employer trusted by employees from different nationalities and races, and looks on it as the company's main strategic objective.
Under the guidance of the company's talent strategy, ZTE Corporation actively extends employees' personal development space and design personal career development path for employees. The 'Three Career Development Paths' oriented to technology, service and management are the company's commitment to its people that their potential can be continuously developed in different directions within the organization.