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Zitrón is responsible for the start-to-finish installation thanks to our team of expert professionals and the quality of our final product. This translates into less time and an assembly process in line with the level of safety and efficiency that every project deserves.


Zitrón offers preventive and corrective maintenance services for the optimal preservation of each project´s ventilation systems.



Being the leading company in the manufacture and maintenance of ventilation systems is not easy. We are aware that your more than 300 employees, of which 210 work in Spain, have made us a world level example for quality and reliability, thanks to their motivation, effort and know-how.
From the beginning, over 50 years ago, one of our main concerns has been to transform our working environment into the best place to promote the motivation and professional development of our employees. To this end, we have adopted European time, which facilitates motivation and a balance between work and family life. We provide our people with state-of-the-art equipment, flexible working hours, stability, and a good working environment.
As a result, the average tenure of a worker in our company exceeds 15 years. During that time, they acquire far-reaching experience and knowledge that they place at the service of what they do best, whether it is related to design work, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, or our exclusive customer service.
Zitrón only manufactures in Spain, backed by the experience and the quality that have already become our best credentials in the international market.
However, we are aware of the importance of being wherever our customers need us. Our offices in Mexico, Chile, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, India, and Australia, and more than 40 exclusive agents enable us to be at the forefront of each project.