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Board ISDN interface SBK

Board SBK provides access to the network ISDN. For the purpose of provision of basic and extended services the board supports user signalling DSS1 on ports with the interface Uko, which allows seamless integration and link with ISDN-terminals.

Picture 9: Board ISDN

16 ports BRA ISDN Uko
1 x eth. interface RJ45
1 x RS232

16 interfaces ISDN Uko

The board is controlled via TCS MNS Management System, which allows to conduct centralized procedures for installation, reserve copy, gathering of equipment data, provision of quality of service and allocation of resources, control of failures and control over productivity. Operator may control the subscribers ISDN through OSS/BSS systems, using «Server interface» (NBI) of OpenMN system, which is a part of TCS MNS.