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Board of analogueue subscribers SAK (UPATS)

Board of analogueue subscriber lines of the platform TCS transforms the media streams between networks with packet switching, as well as providing signalling communication between lines TfOP and network interfaces MGCP, H.248 и SIP. It operates under the control of the programming switch TCS cCS under protocols MGCP, H.248 и SIP.

The board of analogueue subscriber lines supports 32 analogueue subscriber lines and resistance of loop circuit of 1800 Ohm. This board is aimed at corporate subsribers.

Picture 8: Board SAK

Main functions and characteristics:

  • High, absence of blocking, 32 ports of subscriber lines
  • High load on port (1 Erlang)
  • Powerful generator of ringing current, allowing to conduct a call on all telephones connected to the board simultaneously
  • Operation under the control of protocols MGCP, H.248, SIP, functioning compatibility with programming switches of other manufacturers

The board supports the audio codecs G.711, G.723, G.726 и G.729. Moreover, it supports a series of codecs of facsimile transmission and transfer of data: G.711 (A-law, 64 kbps), G.711 (µ-law, 64 kbps), FAX T.38 for facsimile transmission. The length of voice packets (RTP) during encoding using specific coder can be installed with the help of the system of control. Quality of Service (QoS) during transmission of speech is provided via two mechanisms of assigning priority according to the standard IEEE 802.1 Q/p and model DiffServ. In case of requirement of network VLAN for the stream RTP VoIP and signalling can be separated from traffic of remote control. Control over the board of analogueue subscriber lines is done through MNS TCS system through XML interface. All graphical applications are essential part of the system of control over the network MNS (Network Management System) TCS. Board of analogueue subscriber lines is connected to the network via two interfaces 100 mbps at the back panel of the shelf MED. Multi-channel network connection (MLINEC; Multi Link Network Connectivity) is provided as well for the duplicated connection to the switch Ethernet