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Board of analogueue connecting circuits PIA

Board PIA allows the users of products TCS to protect their existing investments via provision of possibility of support of connections and creation of internetwork connectivity between existing equipment and platform TCS, compact programming switch cCS TCS.

Picture 10: Board CLD with two daughterboards

В состав платы PIA входит материнская плата и две дополнительные платы, предназначенные для отдельных интерфейсов.

Main characteristics:

  • Realization of functions of access and analogueue-digital transformation;
  • Uplink connection on the base of E1/TDM with TCS cCS system;
  • Option of use as a peripheral board cCS during installation into main board or as a remote board cCS (through E1)
  • Utilization of Ethernet for the purpose of administration and maintenance;
  • Use of TCS MN for centralized control, diagnostics, registration and emergency signalling;
  • Compatibility with MED board together with 1U with 6, 10 or 20 slots.

Characteristics and functions:

  • Flexible sets of lines, providing option to adjust to various resistances on the line: apart from supporting resistances 300/470/600/1500 Ohm, there is an option to support set resistance according to ETSI.
  • Moreover, special version which supports incoming resistance over 30kOhm is available.
  • 4-wired version, in compliance with CCITT Q.553 (interface C11);
  • 2-wired version, in compliance with CCITT Q.552 (interface C22);
  • Built-in frequency correction (frequency corrector) for reduction of effects of nonlinear attenuation in cable lines of extended length;
  • Protection from overload in compliance with recommendations ITU-K.20 and ITU-K.44;
  • Support of 2/4-wired analogueue connecting lines;
  • Flexible support of analogueue signalling: 1VCH (1600Hz, 2100Hz, 2600Hz), 2VCH 1200/1600Hz – equipment of long distance automatic connectivity energy, 2VCH (600hz/750Hz, 1200Hz/1600Hz), impulse signalling or signalling DTMF E&M, standard types of signalling OTC (2/7, 2/11, radio, DS, PGS, MZhS);
  • Signalling types LB (Non selective mode LB; selective mode EIP and ADASEL for calling signals);
  • Support of special 2-wired ports FXS providing balanced operation of two interfaces on the same line – one interface for each side of the line and long-haul lines FXS (with the resistance of loop circuit up to 3 kOhm);
  • Support of relay interfaces (receipt/control over external devices);
  • Support of broadband speech;
  • Support of special ports FXO;

The board is controlled via TCS MNS Management System, allowing to conduct centralized activities for installation, reserve copy, equipment data collection, quality of service and resource allocation, failure control and control over the productivity. Operator may control the ISDN subscribers through OSS/BBS systems, using «Server Interface» (NBI) of OpenMN system which is a part of TCS MNS.