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MN system

Controlling application (MNS) and dispatch system (DS) operate with provision of High Accessibility in virtual environment.

Applications can be located on third-party virtual environment, configured in georeserve mode (using active standby principle). Active-standby mode allows for high accessibility of application, providing the site in standby mode, which begins operation in case of failure of main resource.

Georeserve guarantees that the services shall be available in case on failure of entire site, related to such events as natural disasters, fires etc when extended network outages are expected.

Picture 11: Solution with georeserve function

IP connection of host devices to active site applications MNS or DRS which are provided with IP addresses, transmitted from active site to the IP network. After initiating emergency switching to reserve site which is a «new active site» with «the same» IP-address. IP-network should react and announce new location as an active site.

Requirements to the virtual environment:
  • Provision of one of the following hypervisors: KVM, HyperV, VmWare;
  • Support of installation of CentOS 6.5x64;
  • Provision of switching in case of failure (HA) and/or switching in georeservation mode;
  • Provision of transfer of dynamic IP-address in case of switch due to failure;
  • Provision of functions of reserve backup and restoration;
  • Provision of integrity of data of file system and reserve backup/restoration of images of files/VM