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Central communication node TCS cCS

We offer telecommunication solution based on the equipment TCS cCS.

We offer telecommunication solution based on the equipment TCS cCS. For modern enterprises compact programming switch TCS cCS provides the option of connecting to the traditional networks and interfaces as well as modern IP infrastructure. This means that the purchasers of TCS cCS receive benefits from reduction of expenses for communication and operational expenses as well as increasing productivity, at the same time protecting their existing investments, allowing to connect and tie part of their equipment communication network to the new communication platform:

Compact programming switch TCS

Pic 4: Module MED

TCS cCs is based on equipment platform module MED

TCS cCS – is:

  • System of corporate connection for medium, large and corporate companies, alternate operators and small village ATC
  • Modern platform of provision of connection for corporate networks
  • Support of integration with systems of unified communications
  • Support of functionality of dispatch, loudspeaker and announcement
  • Support of various connecting lines – from 2/4 wired analogueue lines to modern SIP/SIP-T
  • Option to build networks with centralized or dispersed network architecture
  • Use of centralized control
  • Security VOIP on high level using TLS and SRTP

System supports:

  • VoIP signalling for SL (SIP-T, SIP-NNI, H.323)
  • VoIP signalling for access (SIP, MGCP, H.248)
  • Full set of signalling TDM (ОКС7, ВСК, DSS1, QSIG, V5.2 and INAP)
  • Full set of analogueue signalling (FXO, 2/4/6-pr SL, relay contacts, audio in/out etc)
  • Various types of subscribers: analogueue, ISDN BRA, modules of access using V5.2, VoIP (SIP, MGC for access gateway)
  • Platform of provision of services for various modern services through standard open protocols, such as VoiceXML, CSTA, SOAP and ParlayX
  • Unified voicemail
  • Autosecretary
  • Announcement services
  • Interactive voice greeting (IVR)
  • Collection and sorting of tariff data
  • High readyness