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Central board CMJ

Control over communications of module MED is accomplished via central board CMJ. Within the framework of TCS cCS board CMJ unites the functionality of programming switch, central switch Ethernet and signalling media gateway.

Board CMJ is manufactured in versions with 8 tracts E1 or with 16 tracts E1. The Board is equipped with solid state disk, central processor, DSP processors (for working with IP codecs and generation of tones.

Together with main functionality of programming switch the board provides the functionality of media-server, autosecretary, terminal configuration centre, etc Outer view of the board is shown on the picture below.

Picture 5: board CMJ

Board CMJ also provides synchronisation TDM according to the following standards:

  • ETSI EN 300 462 (chapters 4, 5, 7).
  • P 45.08-2001 level BSS (1A.2A). BBS (1B, 2B) and BSS-5.
  • МСЭ-T G.812 (Type I,VI).