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Main Victory Corporation Limited, being a producer represents the latest NBIC technologies, the latest technological solutions, product support, good reputation of the manufacturer and fair market price.

We present the following:

Automatic telephone station TCS

Automatic telephone station TCS of models (types) from 001 till 999, represents modular, fully functional, telecommunication system, designed for use in the public telephone system by institutions and manufacturers, using the packet-switching technology and connecting using primary access interface as well as interfaces with truncation at the speeds 2048 kbps, utilizing: signaling protocol EDSS1, signalling system CAS (1ВСК, 2ВСК), signalling system ОКС №7 (MTP, ISUP-R), signalling system v5.2, TDM protocols Q.SIG and IP functions: H.323, MGCP/NCP, SIP, SIP-T. Encrypting functions are used for the purpose of obfuscating identification data of the administrator (login, password) and control over their integrity.

Manufacturer: Main Victory Corporation Limited, Cyprus.

We offer all-around solution, according to the specifications of the Statement of Work. The solution is based on the TCS system:

  • Promising technology, compliant with the network architecture of the next generation (Next Generation Network, NGN), which provides integration of broadband services, IP, etc
  • Providing full service, including voice, video, data calling and additional services
  • Supporting broad capabilities of centralized as well as local management of all elements of TCS system
  • Exceptional scaling – easy expansion
  • Open and standardized interfaces – possibility of working with the equipment of other manufacturers.
  • The offer includes all equipment required for turn-key solution, including equipment and materials required for assembly, launch and support of the provided equipment.

The equipment offered as part of the solution is aimed at provision of services from the get-go and together with solutions integrated within the framework of the system (IP-Centrex, Hosted PBX, Teleworking and more than 160 other services as part of the package) provides program interfaces (CSTA, ParlayX etc) for the purpose of deployment of the services on dedicated servers (IP Call Center, speech synthesising and recognition, etc), which ensures the development of the new services for the system.

The provided equipment complies with the requirements of Statement of Work and ensures:

  • Creation of reliable backbone network with the capacity to duplicate network interfaces (the possibility to reserve central blocks and network electrical interfaces of the central station is available in provided solution)
  • Flexibility (software setup of the interfaces for the type of the signalling in TDM and use of IP in the programming switch as a main protocol of communication with the network, as well as inside the communication hub, which provides independence from technologies on other levels)
  • Broadband (possibility of use of DSL interfaces of high throughput on the proposed equipment and network interfaces of equipment alongside with traffic control mechanisms delivers required flexibility)
  • Smart technology (all nodes, which provide the transport service E1 are intended to install the communication node or integrated switch, which terminates local telephone traffic and serving as a platform for service provision)
  • Modularity (flexible platform has modular architecture, which allows to scale it as required and provides versatility of capacity within the network)
  • Wide spectrum of interfaces (E1, FE, analogueue subscriber interfaces Z, VDSL2, ADSL2+/POTS, ADSL2+/ISDN, G.SHDSL, all interfaces of analogueue SL, and with the use of the equipment TCS version V6 also electric/optical network GE, subscriber 100BaseFX for FTTx)
  • Multiprotocol (equipment, being a NBIC platform, provides together with wide spectrum of IP functionality – H.323, MGCP/NCP, SIP, SIP-T etc, all digital protocols and signalling TDM networks - CAS (1ВСК, 2ВСК), Q.Sig, EDSS1, ОКС№7, V5.1, V5.2, СОРМ etc.),
  • Multiservice (the platform is aimed at services from the ground up and realizes it thanks to the convergence of technologies, this is mobility IP, open source CSTA, ParlayX etc)
  • Quality of service and flexibility on the network (guarantee of quality via standard mechanisms TDM routing, prioritization, line reservation etc whereas the flexibility of the interfaces and functionality guarantees flexibility of the node on the network – magistral, border, access)
  • Compliance with COPM standards (classic norms TDM COPM)
  • Telephone station TCS supports standards and recommendations МСЭ-T (CCITT), ETSI, EN and blue book МСЭ-T (CCITT). TCS station adapted for use on existing telecommunication networks.