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  • Smart grid

    We keep utility workers connected and visible to each other with real-time voice and data communication across the smart grid

  • Evolution of good idea

    We provide all business processes from the design and procurement phase of the equipment to commissioning it with subsequent servicing.

  • Ventilation fans

    The main product lines are auxiliary ventilation fans for tunnel construction, jet fans for operating tunnels, and emergency ventilation fans.

Our advantages

«Main Victory» offers a wide range of different solutions that give service providers a competitive advantage in the modern world, where multimedia communication is tightly intertwined with IT.

The technology of the equipment guarantees the customer efficiency, the rapid introduction of new services, a smooth transition to new technologies, a secure and reliable network and friendly interaction for both end users and system administrators.

In the field of access technologies and company protocols, it is ready for any solutions, both for optical access and on the basis of xDSL-technology. Protocols of various generations are supported, including protocols of interaction.

Smooth transition and modernization of operator networks from TDM through NGN to IMS networks is guaranteed. This improves user experience and reduces the operating costs of the service provider, while the introduction of new services brings new revenue.

Our equipment is based on the most modern communication standards and is used in many countries of Europe. They were tested for compatibility with the equipment of various suppliers within the framework of international organizations for inter-operator interaction. Our solutions and products meet the stringent requirements of international and many national standards in the field of security, environmental protection and energy consumption.

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